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Aodhan Levi

Registered Kinesiologist

Aodhan completed an Honors Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology at Ontario Tech University with highest distinction. He specialized in Health & Wellness where he applied his knowledge working directly with the Varsity Sports teams as a student athletic therapist, and an Elite Athlete exercise coach. Throughout the four years of his undergrad, Aodhan excelled in his program and even took part in assisting with several health and wellness related Master studies, to further learn about working in a clinical setting. Aodhan is also a certified First Responder with training in First aid, CPR, and AED to ensure safety is never compromised.

Aodhan works at Expert Physio Plus as the lead Registered Kinesiologist that offers professional certified care in the realm of ergonomic assessments, movement analysis, lifestyle management, and functional fitness. He combines years of advanced physiological theory and clinical practice to offer a comprehensive scope.

A kinesiologist (someone who studies the mechanics of body movements) is someone who can be trusted to know how we are supposed to move and even how we can re-learn to move pain free. How we move at home, at work, on the field, and everywhere should be efficient and safe to ensure a healthy life. And this is where a kinesiologist would come into action to help.

Whether you are looking to prepare for a marathon, develop better movement habits, or simply get back to playing sports, Aodhan is with you every step of the way and will motivate you to cross that finish line. He works to bring his knowledge, professionalism, and charisma to provide a safe and thoughtful experience here at Expert Physio Plus!