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Emma Wilson

Physiotherapist Assistant

Emma has graduated from La Cité Collégiale in a year in PTA and another year in Pre-Health to then pursue studies in Toronto at Sheridan College for Athletic Therapy. She has worked with a variety of athletes from soccer, rugby, volleyball but specializes in equestrian rehab and lumbo-pelvic exercise-based rehab. She has also worked with elite football camps and trained athletes pre and post season and created specialized training programs for said athletes to get them back to their best performance. She utilizes soft tissue work, myofascial release techniques and deep tissue massage to compliment her exercise-based sessions.

She is continuing her education to become a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor and personal trainer. She dabbles in nutrition and supplementation to give herself and her athletes the best outcomes possible.

In her spare time, she's an equestrian herself, loves to be outdoors and goes camping, likes reading and spending time with friends.