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Mina Gebraiel


Mina Gebraiel, owner and founder of Expert Physio Plus, is a Registered Physical Therapist in Ontario with over 20 years of experience. Mina graduated from Cairo University in Egypt with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy in 2000. He gained his physiotherapy certificate in Michigan, USA in 2001 and worked there for several years before he finally settled in Ottawa, CA, and got his License as a physiotherapist in Ontario in 2012. His years of education and experience have made him a confident and skilled manual therapist who uses up to date evidence-based treatments in order to obtain the best results for a variety of conditions for example:

Post-surgical rehabilitation
Neck pain
Lower back and mid back pain
Shoulder pain
Knee pain
Hip pain
Elbow pain
Ankle/foot pain
Nerve/referred pain
Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction (TMJ)
Vestibular and concussion rehab to help patients with dizziness, vertigo, and other concussion symptoms.

He has also been doing shockwave therapy for multiple injuries such as muscle tension, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, cellulite treatment, and much more. Mina also completed the GLA:D Canada program for patients with hip and/ or knee osteoarthritis. He has provided this program for hundreds of patients over the past few years to help patients be active, strong, get fewer sick leaves, and dramatically reduce their pain killer intake. Mina has a special interest in spinal conditions and chronic pain and thrives on freeing people from pain and discomfort in the shortest time frame possible. He is expertly placed to advise on returning to full fitness and preventing injury. He utilizes the following treatment techniques:

Spinal manipulation
Joint mobilization
Soft tissue/trigger point release
High quality home exercises to supplement treatment
Elite level sports/orthopedic rehabilitation
Biomechanical assessment

Outside of work, Mina enjoys activities such as swimming, hiking, reading, biking and spending time with friends and family.