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Peter Hanna

Massage Therapist

Peter is a Massage Therapy graduate from Ontario who just recently moved back from Alberta. He has an extensive background in healthcare and originally began his career as a Bachelor of Science graduate in Pharmaceutical Sciences. His experience working in clinical settings within pharmacies and healthcare clinics have helped him efficiently manage through patient concerns, effectively work alongside patients and other healthcare professionals, and respectfully support the decisions of informed patients. Patient care and recovery have always been the heart of his professional role. Although his original experiences in healthcare have been more inclined towards allopathy, or conventional medicine, he has experienced firsthand how a more holistic approach to healthcare, as such in the Manual Therapies, can have profound beneficial outcomes on one’s psychological & physiological wellness. His experiences in these different avenues of health have opened his eyes to the importance of public education when it comes to massage and other alternative therapies.He especially has an appreciation of the high demands required of an athlete’s body and the benefits of Sport Massage in maintaining and improving performance and recovery.