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Zack Song


Zack graduated from McGill University in Physical Therapy a decade ago. After arriving in Ottawa, he started his professional career in an outpatient sports medicine organization with focus on orthopedic. He had an amazing opportunity to work with a diverse clientele, such as high performance athletes, weekend warriors and people planning to start doing exercises, ranging from little angles running around to clients in their golden ages.

In order to provide the optimal level of care, Zack focuses on a client-centered, personalized and evidence based physiotherapy practice. He continues to stay abreast with latest research and post graduate courses. His tools includes but not limited to mechanical diagnostic technique (MDT), joint mobilization, soft tissue release, fascial manipulation, neurodynamic mobilization, motor retraining and acupuncture/IMS. His greatest joy is to empower each client to be able to regain function post any acute or chronic injury and build a great relationship with each and every one he meets and treats.

He believes in providing quality services to each client with individualized treatment plans because no injuries or person are the same. He values the opportunity to meet anyone or any family who are in need of a physiotherapist whom they can trust at all times.

He believes that it is important to alleviate any discomfort, but it's crucial to get to the root cause of the problem, and eradicate the problem once and for all.

He believes in providing care to clients with their best interest at heart, and is constantly adapting the best practice to fit each individual client's special functional goals.